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Carrier MPLS Network Design

Design and implementation of MSP architecture covering a remote 3,300 mile Terrestrial network made up of undersea fiber, long haul microwave packet radios, SONET microwave radios, and various other transports.

Datacenter Design/Implementation

Designed and Implemented 2 geo redundant datacenters for deployment of next-generation services.

IPv4+IPv6 internet peerings

15 minute RPO for services

Gigabit Licensed Microwave solution

Designed and Implemented 18GHZ Gigabit Microwave to interconnect an  company's headquarter building to a remote Datacenter.

Gigabit Millimeter wave solution

Designed and Implemented 70/80GHZ Gigabit Millimeter wave interconnect between an  company's headquarter building to a remote office building + warehouse.

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